Jellaby is back!


ImageI read Jellaby for the first time in 2009.  I reviewed it when I participated with a group of educators on a graphic novel review committee.  I considered it to be an excellent book and that students would gravitate to the story of a lonely girl who goes on an adventure with Jellaby.  Fast-forward four years and I have fallen in love with Jellaby: The Lost Monster once again.  The big purple creature, I refuse to call it a monster, brings Portia to life as she starts an adventure with Jellaby and a bullied boy.  All three are lonely creatures in their lonely worlds in a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario.  It’s the same story just packaged with a new cover and title.

This new version has examples of Kean Soo’s artwork and the development of Jellaby and Portia.  There is also a short interview where  Soo explains his motivation and how Jellaby started as an online comic.

Jellaby is one graphic novel that was read so many times in my library that all three copies of the books were worn out in a couple of years.  This new re-print of the book will be greatly welcomed by students in my school.  Jellaby has been missed and I’m glad to see that it is back as Jellaby: The Lost Monster, in Kean Soo’s pink and purple vibrancy.  Can’t wait to see it back on the bookshelf, where it belongs!

Release Date: March 1, 2014 (Publisher Capstone Young Readers)

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