far far away by Tom McNeal (a review)


Image“In a small town where nothing ever happens and everything is about to change”

A slow meandering tale of a boy Jeremy Johnson Johnson, a girl, Ginger Boultinghouse, and a storytelling ghost.  Fairy tales help set the scene for a boy who never wanders outside his home except to go to school or make money to pay for the mortgage while his father mourns the loss of his wife (and Jeremy’s mother).  This story plays with the idea that original Grimm fairy tales are not the Disney movies that we know but dark and twisted tales.  This tale has so many twists and turns and it’s not until the end that your realize that you are under the spell of the storyteller for almost 370 pages.  And that’s truly how I feel about this story- it is not until the last one hundred pages that you realize you have been put under a mysterious spell of dread and wonder that you hold your breath as imagine all the ways the story could go in all it’s twisting and turning.  Along the way, you may learn about the stories behind the fairy tales and why it’s important to trust your friends, even when they are a ghost. 

2 thoughts on “far far away by Tom McNeal (a review)

  1. Hey Fatma, I came across your comment on an SLJ article, “Saving the Best for Last?” Although I haven’t posted my review of Far Far Away, like you, I didn’t realize that I was under the storyteller’s spell until the end. I, too, struggled with finding my blogging voice and style, but I think I’m on the right track. Love your blog. Happy blogging!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for being my first comment ever!!! Amazing. I am enjoying watching and reading the responses to Far Far Away. There are so many entry points for this discussion. I can’t wait to hear what my students will say about the story. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your style. All the best in the blogosphere and hope to continue our conversation some time. Take care! And happy blogging to you!

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