Where, oh where have I been?


Now, I’m not one for excuses.  I should have been here long ago.  The books have piled up and so has the work.  

First: I was sick.  Real sick.  I still have my cough.  I think a virus has entered my system and hasn’t left.  It snuck in back in December and hasn’t let go.  One evening in the hospital (over five hours) and my system pumped up with ventolin and steroids, I was able to read a book and a half.  So much.

Second: I signed up for a course.  Yes, I finished my M.A.  Finally completed my Librarianship Specialist.  So, what am I doing now?  Special Education part 1.  I think I’m addicted to learning.

Third: Thankfully, I’ve read lots.  Unfortunately, they haven’t been Canadian books.  I have a lot of books on my bedside table (okay, I’m lying.  I have a lot of books in piles on the floor beside my bed- there’s no more room on my bookshelves.  Another trip to IKEA is in the near future.

Fourth:  The books.  You want to know about the books…

ImageBetter Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle.  I loved this book so much that my mother pre-ordered the second book for me.  I haven’t read book two yet but broadway, you better wait!  Nate and I will be there together.  Theatre lovers will love Nate.  Readers will love Nate.  There were moments when the ventolin mask was on my face, that I had coughing fits because I was giggling at Nate and his overly-dramatic moments.  A fun book.  Not great when breathing is an issue.  But obviously, that didn’t stop me. Please read it! 

we were liars by e. lockhart.  I can’t say much about this book because I promised the author I wouldn’t say anything.  But I will say this.  She doesn’t disappoint.  I will write a post about the book when it is released, May 13th.  Until then, my lips are sealed…

ImageNothing to Lose by Lee Child.  This is my go to author when I need a break from reading children’s books.  It’s true.  I know it’s not literature but Jack Reacher let’s me live in the adult world until I’m ready to go back to my must-read books.  Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher.  He’s all in my mind.  

I have other books on the go.  Including some professional readings.  I hope to write about them, sooner than later.  

I saw a few movies in the mix too.

Frozen.  I went and saw it for a second time, as I didn’t see it in 3D the first time.  My friend’s son was adamant that I see it in 3D, especially for the short film before the movie.  And was he right!  I’m not usually one for 3D but when animators put their mind to doing something in 3D, it truly is magical.  AMAZING!  As for the feature movie, I didn’t mind singing along with Elsa and Anna- as this time I knew the words.  The movie makes the snow and ice look enticing- as opposed to -25 degrees celsius (with the wind chill).  

American Hustle.  I liked the music for this movie too.  As for the movie, I thought it was okay.  Would I watch it again?  Sure… when it runs on television.  

August, Osage County.  I saw the play when it ran in Toronto a few years ago.  It wasn’t long into the movie that I remembered the story.  With that out of my mind, I was able to listen to the dialogue and watch some great acting.  As my friend said, it is a Master Class in performance.  As good as it was, mom said she’ll wait to rent it to watch.  

Finally, I went and saw some plays.  I attended the New Stage Fringe Festival and saw three new Canadian plays.  Two musicals and one dramedy.  And I saw Once on this Island (music written by the same people who did Ragtime- one of my favourite musicals of all time).  And the Heartbeat of Home (from the creative minds of Riverdance).

So…. through all this coughing, I have read books, watched movies and plays, and gone back to work.  

Now, I’m back to blogging.  And I promise not to stay away… I’ll be back.  Sometime in February.  Hopefully, later this week! 

Hold Fast and Keep Reading, my friends! 

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