Loki’s Wolves


Loki's Wolves I finished reading Loki’s Wolves during the Winter Break (no, not March Break, the other Winter Break).  It was a quick start but I found myself distracted as I was reading it.  The characters are likeable enough but just like Thor (the movie) I found that I wasn’t an invested in the story of the descendent of Thor and his friends on their journey to save the world.  Unlike Percy Jackson, I wasn’t rooting for a character that is good at wrestling but has difficulty making friends.  But the book isn’t for me. It’s for the students and I think they will like this story as they enjoy stories of children who have to fight against the Gods, I mean the odds, in their trek across the country without parents and no adult help.  This will be a book that will be hard to keep on the shelves and students will be asking for the sequel, Odin’s Ravens, the day it’s released in May 2014.

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