My new beginning


Many years ago, when I was halfway through my first degree, I put out to the universe that I was going to work in a library.  The universe answered seven years ago, by offering me the opportunity to work in a middle school library.  For seven years, I collaborated with staff and students through lessons, book clubs, and other school events.  I loved being a teacher-librarian; however, what started as a full-time position slowly transitioned to less than full-time.  The library needed to be closed due to budget cuts and I needed to fulfil the rest of my teaching contract by teaching classes outside of the library.  My friend’s husband said it best: the library closes?  I had to answer: yes, unfortunately.  

My new beginning comes in here.  I have left my middle school library and will now be the teacher-librarian in a junior school.  Yes, I will continue to read my much-loved YA but I will also need to catch up on lots of picture books and children’s books.  Which I am excited about.

The school year begins.  And it’s time to get back to the pile of books (as you know from my previous post that I have only read adult books this summer).  

Wish me luck.  

BTW- Thank you universe!  Thanks for my new beginning!  And happy reading! 

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