Monday Library Visits: Wolves, Hooway for Wodney Wat and Cat Says Meow


Today, I had my first library visits in my “new-to-me” library.  The students were very happy to sit on the carpet for out first read aloud together.  Two books at on my display for the grade 4 classes.  Here are the two books they could choose between:

Wolves by Emily Gravett
Wolves by Emily Gravett


Help! We Need A Title! by Here Tullet

Help! We Need A Title! by Herve Tullet

With a promise that we would read: Help! We need a title! next time they come for a library visit, we read Wolves.  And they were not disapoointed!   

 Wolves has been a perennial favourite in my libraries.  It never disappoints as the students lean in and discover the “wolves” in the pictures and how the rabbit gets involved with the text. 


In the afternoon, I had two grade 3 classes and their choices were again, a new book and another favouite of mine.  The first group chose, Hooway for Wodney Wat and the second group chose, Cat Says Meow

Hooway For Wodney Wat

Hooway for Wodney Wat by Helen Lester; Illustrated by: Lynn Munsinger

Cat Says Meow

Cat Says Meow and other animalopoeia
By: Michael Arndt


And I think both groups chose correctly.  The first class cheered for Wodney and the second class were inspired by the graphic design of the animals and words in Cat Says Meow.  So much fun. 

All four classes were excited to sign out books, from audiobooks to graphic novels, and picture books to non-fiction.  Their focus on “getting their books” made us run out of time for some DRAMA fun.  Next class, it will definitely happen!


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