What picture book do you read aloud to a grade 6 class?


Today, I met the grade six students and had some fun sharing Lane Smith’s: It’s a Book.

It's a Book (Lane Smith, 2010)As I started the book with the introduction of characters: a mouse, a jackass and a monkey, the girls’ eyes lit up in anticipation of the story.  (If only you could see the way they look at each other when I read the names.  Does the teacher-librarian know she just read that word out loud?)

Reading the Story

This is how it all went down…

First, the girls sat back.  Some even said they knew the story.

Second, the girls started to read along: “It’s a book.” 

Third, leaned in to see the text message the monkey creates after reading Long John Silver’s tale.

Fourth, they sit quietly in anticipation for the ending.

Fifth, they roar in laughter at the last page.

Perfect story for a group of students who only want dramatic stories with characters filled with angst.  This book always breaks down the walls and opens the door to conversations.  This book was published in 2010 and you would think that the students would be familiar with the play on words ending.  But the like it.  They know that I am not hiding anything as we talk about the language authors use and how we learn words can have more than one meaning and we have to be careful with the way we use words. 

The doors are now open and we are ready to have fun, learn and explore the world via books and beyond.   


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