Sunday Subway (Beach) Reading Reflection: Silver Birch 2015 (Me and Mr. Bell by Philip Roy) .


Happy New Year!

I have been busy reading (haven’t we all) in preparation of the Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading 2015. I still have many books to read and finish,  including my Adult Fiction books I started during the second week of holidays, but I digress.  Here is a link to the nominees: Silver Birch Fiction Nominees 2015.

It will take me all week to post about the books I have read. Here’s the first:

Me and Mr Bell by Philip Roy

Me and Mr Bell (Roy)

This book is about a young boy, Eddie MacDonald, who is not like the rest of the children in his family.  He’s a dreamer, who sees the world differently than the people in his life.  School is not easy and Eddie is resigned to the fact that he will just work on the farm.  But his dreams open him up to an opportunity that brings him face to face with Alexander Graham Bell who sees young Eddie as a philosopher who should use the mistakes he makes as stepping stones to great accomplishments.

Philip Roy does a great job of creating a character where readers will learn that reading and writing does not come easily to everyone, but that we all have gifts that we should be encouraged to use.  At one point, young Eddie meets Helen Keller and in that moment, Eddie recognizes he needs to communicate with her in a different way than most people.  As a reader, you hope that the people in Eddie’s life learn to communicate with him, that recognizes his intelligence.

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