Sunday Subway Readings: From Monday to Munday


Evan Munday has haunted me all week.  At Monday’s school assembly, when one of the Senior Girls shared the week’s News in Review, she mentioned Evan Munday’s twitter campaign to post a pen and ink drawing of missing and murdered indigenous women to Stephen Harper’s twitter handle- hoping to inspire change in government to look into this injustice.  What the student forgot to mention was that Evan Munday has since stopped this campaign, at the request of family and friends, as they felt the cartoons added too much light to the stories.  You can read about it in this article:  Evan Munday stops tweeting images of missing, murdered women.  Or check out Evan Munday’s blog: I don’t like Mundays.

Dead Kid Agency: Dial M for Morna

Dead Kid Agency: Dial M for Morna

Now, at the time, I had just started book two in Mr. Munday’s series: The Dead Kid Detective Agency (Dial M for Morna).  I couldn’t believe that the author was the same person who had written this book.  October Schwartz is a thirteen year old high school student who’s best friends happen to live in the local cemetery.  These best friends who live in the cemetery are ghosts brought to “life” by October as they work together to solve current mysteries and a promise to solve each and every one of the ghosts untimely deaths.

There are a lot of eighties references thrown in the story for humour, so there were many times when I shook my head thinking, I can’t imagine the students getting all these jokes Mr. Munday throws into the mix.  The appendices at the back of the book, help the reader understand all the pop culture references and who all the characters are in the story.  Not only are pop culture references mixed into the story, Mr. Munday created five dead friends who are each of a time relevant to Canadian history.  Canadian historical facts are sprinkled into the story and they all have cultural relevance.

I would have loved this book when I was a kid.  As an adult, I laughed a few times at the jokes and the wink and smile attitude of the narrator.  I still have yet to have a student read the book all the way through. I look forward to book three and really should go back and read book one.  Until then, my dead friends will go back to the cemetery and wait until the next full moon.  I have other books to read.

If you were reading closely, you would see that I mentioned that Evan Munday was haunting me this week.  As I continued to read the book and share the story of Mr. Munday’s twitter campaign, I flipped to the back of the book to see if there was a picture of the author.  There was and then I realized, I had actually interacted with the author this week, in real life!  Mr. Munday happens to work at my local independent book store and he happened to sell me one of my next “books-to-read”.   From Monday to Munday, it has been a week of interesting connections.  I can’t wait to see what this week brings in reading.

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