Monday: Finishing the Book (In Real Life)


This post was started last Monday, January 19th.

I needed to write about the graphic novel I started last night before bed and finished this morning on the subway.  It’s all because my library technician asked me to read the book as she downloadthought it was very pertinent to the grade 6 unit on Money; however, there is some language used in the story.    By the time I finished the text, I needed to put it in the grade 6 teachers’ hands to see what they thought of it.  My only concern about the use of some of the words is how they can be taken out of context when not read in the story.  Girls (and boys) swear.  It’s a fact of life.  And they use it most when with friends.  And that’s how I see the words being used in this story.

There are so many themes that show up in this text: girls and gaming, self-esteem, global issues, virtual money, and relationships: teachers, parents and friendships, that it would be a shame to not share this book with the students.

Here is what I wrote on GoodReads:  This is a great modern graphic novel.  With the exception of some use of language, children (ages 11 and up), should read this book as the author and illustrator do an excellent job of combining real life and the online gamer life of a young girl.  I have watched children quickly transition to their online personas without any regard to “real life” and this text clearly shows how blurred lines can occur without any thought.  The parents that show up in the story are believable as they interact with their daughter in real way.   The story is not tied up in a nice tidy bow but in a way that encourages readers to see that how one’s world works is not the same for others.  

Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang have created a text that has many layers and encourage the reader to go back and re-read to discover the many ideas they have included in this story.  As an educator, this text is a great addition to the school and classroom libraries, as it makes you think about how we all interact with each other, on-line and in real life.

An excerpt:  In Real Life (Comic Excerpt)

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