Sunday Subway Stories: Rain Shadow


Yesterday, on the subway, I continued on my quest to finish five of the ten Silverbirch Books by the end of this week. One of the ways I describe books to my students is “This book is not a subway read.” They quickly infer that there will be tears flowing or I have a lump in my throat- meaning I won’t be able to use words if someone asks me a question. Rain Shadow is such a book. Valerie Sherrard has created a companion book to The Glory Wind (you don’t have to read it to read this book).


Bethany sees the world differently.  Her sister Mira describes her as a stone to her jewel. That doesn’t bother Bethany because she says if you look at a stone more closely, you will see something special about it. Tragedy strikes Bethany’s family and the young girl learns to stay positive and move forward. Even though Bethany comes slower to understanding of certain things, she shows her family, friends and the reader that she is wiser and stronger in the shade of the rain shadow.

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