Sunday Subway Readings: Mock Newbery Edition


This past fall, my junior school book club read voraciously and debated loudly about books they loved and didn’t love. Before I share the titles, where did the books come from…

Heavy Medal- A Mock Newbery Blog

For Those About to Mock

Anderson’s Book Shop

Working with my library technician, we scoured the internet looking for Mock Newbery lists. We found many and made our decisions based on titles we kept on seeing…

(Please note this post is being written from home. I forgot to take a screenshot of our board of books that we read. I will add titles if I have forgotten any).

The students responded to all the titles- some they handed off to each other as they returned each week. And sometimes they traded books in the classroom before coming the library.

The consensus was that Echo is going to be recognized with a Medal or Honor.

Most of the girls loved: Rules for Stealing Stars.

The two of us that read The Hired Girl were happy to see it win: The 2016 Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction

I have a soft spot for Orbiting Jupiter (which I recommend that one does not read on the subway or in a Starbucks).

There are still so many books to read!

Monday will bring the committee’s decision and will open the discussion once again.

Until Monday…

Happy Reading!



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